Our guide to summer in Oslo

Are you ready to enjoy the sun, the beautiful nature, and the vibrant atmosphere of Norway's capital? Are you seeking cultural experiences, relaxation by the waterfront, or exciting activities? Join us for a summer adventure in the city of Oslo!

Our tips for a summer day in Oslo

  1. Good shoes. The best way to explore is by walking from neighborhood to neighborhood.
  2. Not-so-comfortable but stylish shoes. Dress up as the evening approaches and explore the city's culinary scene and nightlife.
  3. Water bottle. It's important to stay hydrated in the heat.
  4. Sunscreen. Always remember to wear sunscreen!
  5. Book reservations in advance. Do some research and decide where you want to sit down and eat or drink. Oslo's restaurants and outdoor seating areas fill up quickly during the summer.
  6. Take breaks along the way. Find a bench and take the time to enjoy the moment.
  7. Swimwear! You never know when you'll feel like taking a dip in the sea, and in Oslo, there are plenty of opportunities.
  8. Plan your day(s). Oslo has a lot to offer, and it's impossible to do everything. However, perhaps several items on your list are located in the same area?
  9. Blister? Download the Ruter app to get an overview of public transportation and more. There are many possibilities!
  10. Smile, be happy, and pay a visit to the Royal Palace and wave to the King (he might be on a city vacation too).

Swimming and sun in Bjørvika

On extra hot days, it's fantastic to simply enjoy the sun, relax with a view of the fjord, and take a dip to cool off. Operastranda in Bjørvika and Sørenga have become two of Oslo's most popular swimming spots in the summer. With their central location, it's easy to get there and they are close to shops and restaurants where you can grab something delicious to eat in between swims.

Sports enthusiasts?

Pokalen Barcode is only a few minutes' walk away from the swimming spots and is a perfect place to take a break from the sun. They have sports on the screens, so whether you want to catch the finish of today's stage of the Tour de France or simply enjoy a refreshing drink in the shade, Pokalen Barcode is an excellent place to relax and catch your breath.

Summer program

Both Pokalen Barcode, Pokalen Aker Brygge, and The Wild Rover have launched great summer programs. Here, you can follow Hovland in The Open, Casper Ruud in Wimbledon, Norway's team in the Tour de France, the Eliteserien, and much more. There are plenty of screens at these places, cozy indoor seating, and sunny outdoor tables.

Walk along the idyllic Akerselva

Need a break from the city center, or just feel like seeing something other than concrete buildings and asphalt? Experience a different side of Oslo with a stroll along the peaceful Akerselva. Get lost in a world filled with tranquility, adventure bridges, bird chirping, and many small and large treasures along the way.

Craft beer

Along the way, you'll pass by Smelteverket, located in the basement of Mathallen Oslo. Smelteverket offers one of Oslo's best selections of craft beer on tap and a wide range of imported and local bottled beers. So here you can taste a proper Oslo beer!

Smelteverket is closed for the summer in July but invites you to quizzes, stand-up comedy, and music bingo starting from August.


Treat yourself to something delicious from the wide selection at Mathallen! Mathallen Oslo is a gathering place for food traditions and trends, offering unique taste experiences with the best of Norwegian and international cuisine!

Games, Activities, and Entertainment

Whether it's a rainy day or you just need a break from the sun, an indoor game hall is the ultimate place to go and have fun!

Raadhuset Bar is Oslo's grand game hall for those who refuse to grow up! Here you'll find 60 games spread over 1200 m2, including shuffleboard, darts, billiards, table tennis, dance mats, arcade games, and board games. Additionally, you can rent a karaoke room where you can sing as loudly and off-key as you want!

Inside the venerable Telegrafen building, you'll find Telefonkiosken Bar. The bar has its roots in the funky 70s and offers delicious cocktails and plenty of games. The 70s-themed bar is designed for the gaming enthusiasts (or game addicts?) and serves up fun on a silver platter! Telefonkiosken is closed in July but welcomes August tourists starting from August 14th.

Prefer a more laid-back evening of entertainment? How about leaning back with popcorn and soda and watching a really good movie in one of the splendid cinema halls at Saga or Klingenberg at Nationaltheatret?

Culture and Concert Experiences

Even though it's the season for festivals, there's always some concert or other cultural experience worth checking out at one of Oslo's many venues.

Plan a Concert Experience

Vulkan Arena is Oslo's coolest intimate venue located in the heart of Vulkan. Here, you can experience everything from metal concerts and Norwegian artists to international rock legends, including Glenn Hughes on July 1st.

See the full concert schedule for the summer here.

Krøsset is a unique concert venue on Maridalsveien with soul in its walls. At this small but cozy concert stage, you can see both international artists and up-and-coming Norwegian artists. For example, you can experience the American country artist Hannah Aldridge on July 5th.

See the full concert schedule for the summer here.

Spontaneous Music Experience?

At the Irish pub The Wild Rover on Karl Johans gate, there is live music with excellent troubadours every Wednesday through Saturday. Here, you can enjoy good food or drinks while being entertained. You're also warmly welcome to dance and sing along!

Visit one or more of Oslo's many attractions

Whether you're on vacation in Oslo or want to spend one of your many holidays being a tourist in your own city, Oslo has both well-known and lesser-known attractions to offer. We have gathered some of our favorites here.

Ekeberg Park

Ekeberg Park in Oslo is a fantastic combination of beautiful nature and modern art, offering visitors a unique experience with outdoor sculptures and spectacular views of the city.

Vigeland Park

Vigeland Park is one of Oslo's most popular parks and is one of the world's largest sculpture parks. Here, visitors can explore over 200 sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland, which capture human emotions and relationships in a unique and symbolic way.


Frognerseteren is an idyllic destination located at the top of Oslo, offering a unique combination of beautiful nature, spectacular views, and historical charm. With traditional architecture and cafes, it is a popular starting point for hikes in Nordmarka, with panoramic views of the city and the fjord.


Northeast of Frognerseteren, you'll find another idyllic destination - also at the top of Oslo. Grefsenkollen has a large outdoor seating area serving pizza, a tempting à la carte menu indoors, and perhaps the city's most beautiful view.

Museums on Bygdøy

On Bygdøy, you'll find several of the city's prominent museums and cultural institutions that offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience and understand Norway's rich cultural heritage, maritime history, polar expeditions, and Viking heritage. We recommend a visit to one or more of these museums: the Fram Museum, the Norwegian Maritime Museum, the Kon-Tiki Museum, and the Norwegian Folk Museum.

The venerable Telegrafen Building

Telegrafen is a building with history and soul, located in the heart of downtown Oslo. Here, you'll now find bars with styles from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, immersing you in a history you didn't know you were interested in.

Ever since the building opened its doors in 1924 as the headquarters of Telenor, communication and the desire to create closer ties between people have been leading visions. Telegrafen Oslo reopened in a new form in 2021. Read more about Telegrafen's history here.

Eat and drink in oslo

After a day of walking, activities, or visiting attractions, it's time to sit down and enjoy something good to eat and drink. It can be challenging to know where to go in the jungle of options in Oslo. That's why we've gathered a list of some places where you can settle down near attractions and activities.

Would you like to continue enjoying the sun while eating and drinking? Oslo has many great outdoor seating areas where you can relax while enjoying a cold beer. See our guide to Oslo's best outdoor seating areas here.

Curious about the locations of these different places? Check out our map below!


Adress: Klingeberggata 4

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Adress: Kongens gate 21


Adress: Karl Johans gate 8

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Adress: Vulkan 5

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Adress: Bryggetorget 14

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Adresse: Vulkan 1-40

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Adresse: Dronning Eufemias gate 42

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Adresse: Parkveien 25

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Adresse: Vulkan 26

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Adresse: Maridalsveien 3

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